Theatr West Glamorgan Reviews : (all productions 2, 3 or 4 handers)

..perfformiad cofiadwy gan Manon Eames… cyfuniad deallus o anwyldeb, doniolwch a dwyster … a memorable performance by Manon Eames – an intelligent combination of tenderness, humour and sadness…”

A’r Gwynt I’r Drws Bob Bore/When The Wind Blows : Y Faner, May 1987

Energy, enthusiasm, timing and talent ….

You Me and the Gatepost – Western Mail, March 1988

Forget Sondheim, forget Lloyd Webber…. this is about the best bit of entertainment I have seen for months…. a virtuoso piece of theatre….

You Me and the Gatepost – The Stage, March 1988

…by common assent the most enjoyable, exciting and innovative theatre production seen in Wales in the past year

You Me and the Gatepost – The Guardian, July 1988

Actorion comedi gwych a’u hymroddiad egniol i’r perfformiad yn ein syfrdannu / Brilliant comedy actors whose energetic commitment to the performance is astounding

Jeremiah Jones – Y Cymro, Aug 1988

Jeremeia Jones proved without doubt that they are the most accomplished and exciting group in Wales (Jeremiah Jones

The Guardian, Aug 1988

A Hitch in Time is another astonishing example of the company’s unique mixture of politics, music, fast-change characterisation, comedy and pure theatre…. timing, rapport and slickness make for a breathtaking level of performance..

A Hitch in Time – The Guardian, Feb 1989

…their handling of socially relevant themes, with easy solutions shunned, is a lesson to others… a marvellous display of ensemble performance, sparkling entertainment, political sophistication, sharp direction and smart comedy

Vanessa – The Guardian, Dec 1989

…a tighter, sharper, wittier, more intelligent and more accessible theatre company you are unlikely to see anywhere

Vanessa – The Guardian, Feb 1990

…perfformiadau disgalir drwyddi draw….Theatr i’r Bobol gan y bobol yw hon…Sparkling performnaces…. This is theatre for the People by the people

Adar o’r Unlliw – Y Faner, Oct 1991

…three remarkable young women who can sing, dance, act and mime at the drop of a hat, and always with bags of technique and finesse…. unquestionably special

Adar o’r Unlliw – Western Mail, Oct 1991

…definitive Welsh soul….. performances of the highest quality

Dawns Y Dodo – Western Mail, April 1993

A gem of a play….. powerful performances… gripping… certain to thrill

Dawns Y Dodo – Barn, April 1993

Classy…. black comedy, played with verve, exquisite timingand insight…

Dawns Y Dodo – Liverpool Daily Post April 1993

….each performer can transform a platitude into a rivetting theatrical experience and the mundane into sheer drama

Clustie Mawr Moch Bach – Western Mail, Aug 1993

Yn wir, nhw sydd wedi gosod y safon yng Nghymru …. It is they who have set the standard in Wales

Clustie Mawr Moch Bach – Barn, Aug 1993

… a spectacular night out – an evening of comedy, drama and top quality entertainment...

Desperate Measures – Llanelli Star, Dec 1993

.. they have an uncanny knack of playing to each other’s strengths both as writers and performers… Manon Eames is the very personification of uptight, excitable and extremely voluble suburban housewife… but each outburst and pause is impeccably controlled… this show is a must”

Desperate Measures – Western Mail Dec 1993

….delightfully and sensitively played by Manon Eames….

Clustie Mawr Moch Bach : Western Mail, Feb 1994

A must for all theatre-goers……with a dynamite performance by Manon Eames which takes your breath away…

Clustie Mawr Moch Bach – Buzz Magazine March 1994

…consummate skill and discipline, both individually and as an ensemble… the cast includes the inimitable Manon Eames, who can change character at the drop of a hat

Out of the Soul and the Spinning Head – Western Mail, July 1995
Other acting reviews

..Manon Eames…perfect support….

Equus, Clwyd Theatr Cymru – Financial Times, Nov 1997

…Manon Eames is totally convincing…

Equus, Clwyd Theatr Cymru – The Stage, Oct 1997

….Manon Eames…. with fine control

Equus, Clwyd Theatr Cymru – The Western Mail, Oct 1997



…..the spirit of Willy Russell’s script has been beautifully captured and effortlessly transported in this translation by Manon Eames… don’t miss it!

Shirley Valentine – Golwg, March 1993

Brilliant production puts Wales on the map.

Rape of the Fair Country – Liverpool Daily Post, Oct 1997

…a powerful story… forcefully and movingly told….

Rape of the Fair Country – The Independent, Nov 1997 adaptation – inspired work..

Rape of the Fair Country – Western Mail, Nov 1997

Welsh Theatre has finally come of age with this epic drama

Rape of the Fair Country – Liverpool Daily Post, 1997

…big emotional story-telling at its best. I loved it !

Rape of the Fair Country – North Wales Weekly News, Nov 1997

Perfformiad celfydd a chellweirus… cyfieithiad campus…. Artful and witty performance…. a brilliant translation

Celf (Art) – Western Mail, May 1998

…inspiring drama on a big scale….a dramatic sweep of breathtaking proportions …

Hosts of Rebecca – Liverpool Daily Post, Feb 1999

High quality writing…. rarely seen in our theatre today. Outstanding and unforgettably haunting

Hosts of Rebecca – BBC Radio Merseyside, March 1999

A triumph….

Song of The Earth – Flintshire Evening Leader, Nov 1999

…grand sweeping story-telling theatre…. a fine climax

Song of The Earth – North Wales Weekly News, Nov 1999

…she has taken a sprawling book and given it a strong dramatic shape… enormously enjoyable

Song of The Earth – The Stage, Dec 1999

… the three adaptations are …prime examples of powerful and spectacular theatre….

The Cordell Trilogy – Western Mail, Nov 1999

..elegiac and dynamic, savage and tender, hugely funny and unbearably sad… this is one of the most moving theatrical events we are likely to see for some time…. it is a triumph for Manon Eames

Song of the Earth – Liverpool Daily Post, Nov 1999


The Cordell Trilogy – Rape Of The Fair Country : South Wales Argus, March 2000

Standing ovations are not dished out lightly at Clwyd Theatr Cymru, so to have witnessed three in one day must signify something pretty special – the trilogy was a complete triumph from start to finish

The Cordell Trilogy – North Wales Chronicle, March 2000

A sense of wonder …an exceptional experience – theatrical magic…

The Cordell Trilogy – Liverpool Daily Post, March 2000

Feast of satirical comedy, not to be missed.

Damwain a Hap – Western Mail, April 2001

… an evening of fun, an evening of joy establishing that theatre is vital and fine and living in Wales

Damwain a Hap/Accidental Death of an Anarchist – Theatre Wales website 2001

Excellent adaptation…. moving and compelling entertainment

A Toy Epic – The Stage 2007

What good theatre should be all about

A Toy Epic – Liverpool Daily Post 2007

…drama rymus, ymfflamychol ac amserol… darn o gelfyddyd yn effeithio ar isymwybod y gwyliwr mewn ffyrdd cynnil… roedd y dorf ar ei thraed.. roedd yna wefr drydanol wrth wylio… a powerful, fervent, timely play … a work of art subtly affecting the audience’s subconscious … the audience were on their feet… watching the play was a thrilling, electrifying experience…

Porth y Byddar – BARN September 2007

a play of power and politcs… an important production…. potent stuff… restates the basic facts of theatre, that it is both uinimitable and irreplaceable

Porth y Byddar -Theatre Wales website 2007

truly poignant and dramatic moments… powerful stuff… a must see

Porth y Byddar – icNorthWales August 2007

…. the potential to be a landmark work

Porth y Byddar – Liverpool Daily Post 2008

…skilfull and gripping drama

Porth y Byddar – August 2008 website

... told imaginatively and with great power…. a classic piece of theatre : one that will be watched with pity and anger by future generations

Drowned Out – Western Mail October 2008

a terrific production

Drowned Out – Evening Leader 2008

….crafted theatre highly recommended

Drowned Out – Chester Chronicle 2008

….artful structure… stirring… humanly moving

Drowned Out – Theatre Wales Website 2008

…..magnificent, a theatrical triumph … a thrilling experience

Magnificent Myths of the Mabinogi – The Stage 2008

…a triumph

Magnificent Myths of the Mabinogi – Cambrian News 2008

...brilliant, moving….. a surprising and intense theatrical event..

Canrif  – Wales Arts Review 2009


Television & film

Addasiad ardderchog…. an excellent adaptation…

Y Stafell Ddirgel – Western Mail 2001

Hoffwn ei wylio dro ar ol tro, a dyna i chi ganmoliaeth …. I want to watch it again and again, and that’s praise indeed.

Eldra – Western Mail 2001

..Ffilm oedd hon yn siarad a’r enaid…. This is a film which speaks to the soul

Eldra BARN 2002

Its assuredness and accomplishment in its context is indeed outstanding

Eldra Celtic Film & television Festival 2003

Mae’r gyfres hon yn un eithriadol…dyfnder, aeddfedrwydd…. This series is exceptional…. depth, maturity…

Treflan – BARN November 2002

Mae Treflan yn gampwaith. Mae’r sgript ei hunan yn ddyfeisgar ac yn cwmpasu ysbryd nofelau Daniel Owen i’r dim… ambell i berl o ddeialog …. Treflan is a masterpiece. The script itself is inventive and totally encompasses the spirit of Daniel Owen’s novels…. pearls of dialogue….

Treflan – Western Mail November 2002

Mae’n gwrthsefyll y llif o unffurfiaeth sy’n bygwth boddi popeth… it withstands the flood of uniformity threatening to drown everything

Treflan – BARN February 2004



“model o sut i sgwennu nofel hanesyddol… nofel wych” / a model of how to write a historic novel …. a brilliant novel” 

Porth y Byddar – BBC Cymru Y Silff Lyfrau 2017

“geiriau’n pefrio oddi ar bob tudalen yn y gyfrol sylweddol hon…..cymeriadu a llunio deialog all blesio’r glust feinaf”/ “words sparkle off every page in this significant work… characterisation and dialogue to please the sharpest ear” 

Porth y Byddar – Gwales 2017